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Kotlin Command Line Compiler

In Android development I occasionally need test some separated functionality. Building the whole project takes time and may causes side-effects. That’s why I use command line compiler.

Download the compiler from Github (i.e. In bin directory there are kotlin and kotlinc files that we will use. Create some source code file named RxKotlinTest.kt with this content:

import io.reactivex.rxkotlin.subscribeBy
import io.reactivex.rxkotlin.toObservable

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    listOf("Alpha", "Beta", "Gamma", "Delta", "Epsilon")
        .filter { it.length >= 5 }
            onNext = { println(it) },
            onError =  { it.printStackTrace() },
            onComplete = { println("Done!") }

Then compile it to .jar file and run it. It’s necessary to link all used libraries. You can download them from

kotlinc RxKotlinTest.kt -cp rxjava-2.2.19.jar:rxkotlin-2.4.0.jar -d rx-kotlin-test.jar
kotlin -cp rx-kotlin-test.jar:reactive-streams-1.0.3.jar:rxjava-2.2.19.jar:rxkotlin-2.4.0.jar RxKotlinTestKt

Note: If you run kotlin compiler without parameters, REPL starts. REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) is interactive shell where you can type commands and you see a result.

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